Thank You!

To all volunteers and supporters of People Power Victoria; the count continues, so we don't have the final numbers in. However, numbers won't reflect the amount of exposure PPV's platform has attained. This is thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who performed over 100,000 letter box drops and also stood at polling booths handing out how to vote cards.

Without theses volunteers, none of this would have been possible. We delivered a social awareness campaign that will reverberate in people's minds long into the future. Many of those who read our information, but voted according to their party line, will have second thoughts once the truth about Wi-Fi and smart meters becomes apparent.

Once again, thanks to everyone who supported us.


Our mission

Our mission is to reclaim our state and set it on a new and better path.

This new political party for Victoria is centred on respect for human rights, the opposition to the mandated roll-out of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, and on the commitment to re-establish a healthy environment for all.

The People Power Victoria - No Smart Meters party (PPV) also stands for fair and affordable delivery of essential services to all Victorians, safe homes and workplaces, consumer protection and a safer, more ethical use of technology.

The privatization and deregulation of the State electricity, gas and water supply has resulted in unaffordable rising costs for customers.

It is time to raise the call for the return of these essential services to public ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions


People Power Victoria - Policies

Smart Meters Occupational Health and Safety Ombudsman
Safe Technology in Schools Social and Health Impact Studies
Housing Domestic Building Industry
Coal Seam Gas



Smart Meters

The People Power Victoria political party grew from the Victorian wide campaign opposing the State Government’s forced installation of smart meters.

Smart meters are a device that:

  • Allows power companies to sack thousands of meter readers, increase charges and remotely control electricity supply for their financial advantage.
  • Give no real benefits for customers who have paid power companies over $2 billion towards the cost of meter installations.
  • Allows power companies to force peak tariffs charges onto customers, increasing the costs to people who can least afford it.
  • Allows power companies to remotely control home appliances.
  • Cause thousands of people who are sensitive to microwave radiation to suffer health ailments including headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, fatigue and other health issues.

Smart meters can be reverted to manually read meters by simply removing the wireless radio frequency chip.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

Stop Smart Meters Australia has information, news and events regarding Smart Meters, please visit where you can post comments and join in the discussion.

People Power Victoria believe the major political parties have lost touch with the electorate, acting only to serve their own interests and the interests of private commercial companies.